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FAQ | Damai

Installation and Use

How to install Damai Box and configure the network?

Step 1: device connection

installation instructions

  1. Connect the set-top box HDMI OUT port (1) to your TV’s HDMI input;
  2. If you choose to use the set-top box via a wired connection network, please connect the set-top box to a wired network port router or ADSL Modem, as (2). Once connected, the default system will automatically configure the network.
  3. Connect the HD set-top box to the power line (3), start the set-top box.
  4. Built-in wireless set-top boxes, set-top box is equipped with wireless capabilities, search for WiFi networks, and connect.

Step 2: Network configuration

Turn on the set-top-box and check the indicator light to confirm that the set-top box starts normally. Then start configuring the network (Select wired or wireless access)

  1. Configuring a wired network
    System Settings -> Network Settings -> check "wired network."
    When checked "cable network", the system will automatically configure and obtain an IP address.


  2. Configuring Wireless Network
    System Settings -> Network Settings -> check "WiFi", the system automatically searches for signals, select a WiFi signal. Enter the correct WiFi connection password, click on the "Network Connection" button to connect to the WiFi network.

Can I start watching Damai Chinese TV once the installation is completed?

Yes. Upon successful installation, you may watch Damai HD Chinese television immediately. Watch the Damai UI 3.1 video guide (in Mandarin).

How to use Damai box if my TV only has AV, VGA, cable interface and no HDMI interface?

Please purchase the appropriate adapter. Please be reminded to use VGA adapter with audio.

If audio output is from HDMI, what should I do if my TV only supports AV input?

Damai TV box supports all HDMI interface. You will need to purchase a HDMI to AV converter box for your TV to be used with Damai.

I have correctly installed the set-top box (power indicator light is green), but why is the screen black?

Probably because your TV is not switched to the corresponding video channel for Damai Chinese TV channel. Please press on the TV remote control "Input / Source" button, and trying to change the video channel to the corresponding HDMI input.

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