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Damai TV FAQ - Internet Connection

Internet Connection

What do I do if Damai box cannot connect to WiFi?

Below are few solution to troubleshoot WiFi connection:

  1. The router is working properly, but can’t search WiFi signal:
    If you cannot search for WiFi signal, please check if the Damai box is placed within your WiFi signal coverage. If your WiFi signal is searchable by other devices within the same distance as Damai box, then it could be Damai’s WiFi module failure, and is in need of repair. If the signal search is working but can’t connect to the Internet, then it is a network problem. Please verify that your WiFi password is entered correctly, in addition, you may need to check whether there is limited access on your router settings, mac filter or any restrictions;
  2. Connect to the WiFi network, but cannot watch programs:
    As long as Damai box can search the WiFi signal list, it is working properly, and the problem should be the router/modem. Please try the following: reset the router, open the DHCP function (automatically assigned IP address function), turn off mac address filtering, IP address routing timeout expiration may be too short (recommended: 120 minutes), or use "WPA-PSK / WPA2- PSK "WiFi encryption types. If you still cannot connect to the Internet, you may try using a mobile phone WiFi hotspots, and try connecting Damai box to mobile phones hotspot. If you can access web contents, then the problem is with the router and not Damai box; if you cannot access any web contents, this proofs that the box is malfunctioning. You can contact repair call center application testing.
  3. the above methods are sure there are no problems, we recommend that you restore the factory settings to see if that fixes the problem.

Will Damai box support 5GHz band WiFi signal? Can I use the 5 GHz router?

Damai box supports 2.4GHz, but not 5GHz WIFI.

My Damai box is already connected to WiFi, but cannot watch the programs, why?

If the box is connects to a WiFi network, this means the WiFi module is normal, please make sure that the box can connect to the Internet. Please use the Internet speed test in the Damai box.

How can I find the wired / wireless network card address?

Once connected, you can find it in the “about” section under “settings”.

Damai box cannot connect to the wired network, what do I do?

  1. Please check whether the network card light flashes to confirm the router interface and the network cable is working properly;
  2. Verify the router's DHCP function is normal;
  3. Check the network settings "Wired Network", verify that it’s assigned to the correct IP address, mask, gateway, and DNS information to ensure that the network parameters are normal. (Router’s DHCP is on, please use the automatic configuration, otherwise using manual configurations requires some basic knowledge of the network);

Does Damai box support 3G networks?

Damai box does not support 3G networks.

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